Zero Zavec visits Madrisphere


*Hi Zero, welcome to Madrisphere! How are you? Are we the first foreign media interviewing you?

– It’s perfect! Yes and I’m really thankful and honored for the opportunity.

*How did you feel about receiving the request for this interview with a Spanish media?

– I was a bit shocked but I feel honored that you guys wanted to feature me in your magazine.

*You are the bassist in rock band Arterys. Tell us, how did the band get started and how did you become its bassist?

– The band was formed by our drummer, Christoffer, and our vocalist, Oskar, when the band Before We Decay disbanded. Also our guitarist Jon joined and together they formed Arterys. Christoffer asked me if I wanted to join the band as its bassist and here I stand!

*Formerly you took part in another band named Before We Decay, what happened there?

– It was the first band I’ve ever joined and who started to become known in our hometown, Gothenburg. It was a big step in my musician career but unfortunately for personal reasons we decided to disband.

*How do you feel the situation in Sweden is when looking for opportunities for young music bands nowadays?

– It’s pretty hard to be known as a musician today. But I think there are a lot of big opportunities for young musicians here in Sweden. We got competitions about to play on bigger festivals and there’s many concert for the “underground world” too.

*Is Arterys music style fitting in Sweden, or is it better fitting in another European countries?

– I would say Sweden and many other countries around the world!

*What projects are you planning on now?

– I always planning on projects and there’s a lot in my head, waiting to be reality. Maybe you’ll see it in the near future. I dare not say too much about my projects at this situation.

*In your official website there can be found photographs as an authentic model, have you ever worked as such?

– Beside the music I am a photographer. I’ve got some photos on the website with the name Virtual Reality – ZERO Photo, which is the name of my upcoming project as photographer. I have been working as model for other photographers but these are only self-portraits, taken and edited by myself.


*We can also see in your social networks some kind of passion for some oriental things, could you tell us about that?

– I’m fascinated how it can be so different from how we live in Sweden, I like it! Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been fascinated of things that aren’t so popular here in Sweden and, I think, Japan become one of these things.. The music, the fashion and the culture overall.

Do you consider Japanese Visual Kei style an influence in your own style?

– Yes a big influence. I have always been fascinated of the look and creation of something so different from our style here in Sweden.

*Have you ever been in Spain? What do you know about our culture? 

– I have never been in the mainland of Spain, just in an Island outside of Spain, Fuerteventura. But I’m excited to see more! I don’t know so much about your culture more then you have great weather and lovely food.

 *With Madrisphere we try to help making young people’s work known around the world, what do you think about this iniciative?

– It’s a good way to be known outside Sweden. And I think this is a big step for me and also my band, Arterys.

*Would you agree to collaborate with Madrisphere in a near future?

– Of course! I can’t be more honored and excited to do something outside Sweden.

*What would you give as an advice to young musicians who wish to take part in a music band just like Arterys?

– Just follow yourself and do what you love the most, if you’ve a dream follow it.


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Interview by Alejandro Pino Alamillo

& Vanessa Martín Martín.


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