Jaxon Radoc in Madrisphere


Thank you for this interview! We are very excited about it!

To begin with, how did you feel when you knew a Spanish media wanted to interview you?

I was very flattered and excited! It’s always to nice to know that people enjoy your work and that your reputation is slowing growing within the ‘gay’ porn industry not only in the USA and Europe but in Spain of all places!

How did you become a porn actor? Tell us about your start in this field.

 Well I was actually found on Facebook and Instagram by another Staxus model, Kamyk Walker, or Kitty as we all call him. He showed me to Mike the UK producer and director, who emailed me and you know one thing led to another and before I knew I was on a plane to London to do porn for Staxus.

Did your Norwegian origins help you in your career? Is it especially peculiar in Australia?

Not really no. Staxus only has a very small handful of model who speak Norwegian so it’s not really useful to me at work, and in Australia it’s not peculiar as it is such a multicultural country. The gay porn industry is almost unheard of in Australia so yes that’s one of the main reasons I decided to work with Staxus besides sex with hot guys I got to travel Europe and maybe one day the US.

How did your family react when they first knew about your career? What about your friends?

I am so lucky I have such good family and friends they all reacted quite well. They were a little shocked but they have warmed a little over time.

Generally, what are the requirements to become a porn actor?

Well I’ve been told about the gay porn ‘trinity’ which are what make a good porn model.
1 – Nice face.
2 – Nice Body
3 – Big cock.

So yeah that’s what I’ve been told, I’d personally have to add a very high libido and stamina, scenes can take up to 7hrs. Which can be very tiring.

Is there any preparation before the porn scenes shooting?

Yeah the obvious ones, check ups a week in advance. On the day you have hair and make up and photos done and just other common scene stuff like douching lol! Which surprisingly some bottom models forget or overdo! Which drives me mad!

How were your first performances? Did you feel nervous or did you enjoy it as you did what you actually like?

I thought I did pretty well actually! I was so, so, so nervous! Plus the UK photographer is female which threw me when she showed up lol! But I really enjoyed it, it was with Connor Levi who is amazing to work with.

Could you tell us any funny anecdote from the shootings?

Well some model have gone out the night before shoots gotten shit faced and not been able to shoot! It’s funny watching the get scalded like little kids by the Producers!

Is there any previous meeting with the movie cast?

Between the models? Not really, you kind of meet them when they show up, you have a chat when each other gets their hair and make up done but that’s about it. But a lot of us go out for drinks after which is good to actually get to know them outside of work and their stage names.


How long have you worked in porn? How many movies have you worked in and with how many actors?

I’ve been doing porn for about 5 months. I’ve been in 12 scenes and 6 DVD’s which are all up on the Staxus website and HomoActive. From memory I’ve worked with 15 models from Staxus.

Do you performance gay porn exclusively? Would you accept another kind of porn?

Well I’m gay so gay sex is easier for me, plus it pays so much better the hetro porn, if hetro porn could offer me the same amount as Staxus I’d consider it, but that would probably be it.

Does your porn career influence your private life? 

Yeah, it been really odd, people who have never spoken to me all of a sudden want to be my friend or people are just rude cunt’s and try to make you out to be a bad person. So yeah its odd how it influences your person life.

What does sex mean to you? Does it feel like just work for you?

 Well when I’m shooting its just work yes, I don’t feel any type of affection for the models as cold as it sounds it’s a job, a really well paid and fun one but its just a job. Sex in my person life is very different its person and intimate. I think it’s important in the industry to be able to make that distinction.

Which is, in your opinion, the most complicated part of being a porn actor?

Having to deal with negative homophobic people finding out you do it, and when people find out its all they’ll talk to you about which gets old fast.

Are you working in any new project? Tell us about it.

Not at the moment. As I live in Australia I only shoot with Staxus every six months and do bulk shoots.

Have you ever been recognized in the street as a porn actor? Are there many fans around?

Yeah quite a few times actually! I think I have a good little fan niche, they all awesome fans! I think its funny that people in Australia found out I was doing porn when I was still in Europe shooting, so news spreads fast!

We know you  have one twin brother who is not gay nor a porn actor. Has anybody thought that the one in the porn films was your brother?

Has your brother considered the possibility of shooting any scene with you?

No and No.

What do people ask the first time you tell them you work in porn?

When did this happen? Does it pay well?

Would you recommend young people to become porn actors? Why?

I don’t know, I think it’s up to you as an individual, I just think it’s a great way to travel for free and to see the world and have great sex! But I’d say think about first.

What advice would you give to young people who one day decide to become porn actors/actresses?

Be ready for an amazing roller coaster! Enjoy the journey! Stay in school and stay off drugs lol!

Thank you for this interview. We wish you good luck in your career. Best regards from Spain.


Interview by Alejandro Pino & Vanessa Martín

@Elrondpino & @3v4k4n3

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