Henrik Mortensen in Madrisphere

*Thank you so much for this interview. To begin with, is Madrisphere the first foraign media interviewing you?
– No. I have also been interviewed by some foreign music blogs earlier.

*How did you feel about receiving the request for this interview with a Spanish media?

– I think it’s quite fun to be asked. I feel honored that you guys wanted to feature me in your magazine. It’s nice to know that people from other parts of the world actually notice me!

*In 2011 you were a finalist in TV contest Idol. How was that experience?

– It was a crazy experience really. I had so much fun, but it was also a lot of hard works. I literally woke up the next day being famous all around Norway. It was kind of scary. After just one night of airing the show I couldn’t even walk out on the streets without being recognized. I also got friends for life, the other contestants became some of my best friends.

*Did you feel any change in your life after your participation in Idol?
– It changed my whole life actually. I now had a platform to work from, I all of a sudden knew the right people to get into the industry. I learned to work hard for my goals and my confidence got even better from the experience. It was also quite hard to adapt back to my life afterwards. Everything felt less exiting. It was really a struggle to get away from the thought of being the center of attention all the time. With this came some confidence issues, and I struggled with myself and the people in my life. After working with myself for a couple of years now I’m finally ready to get out there again, this time with a rougher image and darker music.

*Apart from the album you recorded with the other participants in Idol, have you recorded anything else?

– I’m recording all the time. I love writing music. It’s actually the best therapy I could imagine. I’m not good with setting words on my feelings in person, but when I write I’m free to express everything I want. Through my lyrics I can express both love for those people I have in my life, but also I can express sadness, anger and thoughts.

*Are you planning any new music project?

– I’m always planning new projects. But it’s hard in Norway. I don’t know, but it seems like the record companies over here is afraid to loose money on someone like me. Norway is a great country, don’t get me wrong. But Norwegians in general is afraid of change. When a gay 19 year old boy with tattoos and piercings comes out and wants to do dark pop music, they find that quite scary I guess. I just need to find the right people that’s crazy enough to go through with my outgoing image and weird thoughts. Maybe those people exist in Spain?

*You describe yourself not only as singer and composer, but also as a model. Have you ever worked as a model? Are you planning any kind of project related to modelling?
– After Idol I was asked to do some jobs. I was a little bit sceptic at first but I found it to be quite fun. The thing is, when I’m on stage or in front of a camera I get to put on this mask. I get to be someone else. I could be strong, fragile, sad, happy, tough.. Yeah, whatever really! And that’s something I really enjoy. I mostly work with artist. I’m not the kind of person you see smiling in a clothing catalogue. I like the concept of being artistic and kind of out of this world. I always have some projects going. I love to work with new photographers and artist, and create new exiting artwork.

*Have you ever been in Madrid or in any other place in Spain? What do you know about our culture?

– No, I have never been in any parts of Spain, but I would like to come over one time! I don’t know a lot about Spain but I know you got warm weather, great food and nice looking men. And that’s more than enough for me!

*Would you agree to collaborate with Madrisphere in a near future? Who knows, maybe as a model.

– Of course! I love every challenge I get, and doing something outside Norway just sounds really exiting. As long as you have some exiting ideas I’m all in!
& Vanessa Martín Martín
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